About the Artist


Alicia has lived her life in a whirlwind of creativity with just a splash of chaos. In the midst of raising her three children she has always found various ways to prioritize creativity and self-expression; sometimes that has been through a beautifully crafted meal, a colorful outfit, or hand made treasures. Over the last four years, Alicia has reprioritized a dedicated art practice in which the beautiful mess of raising children (and growing up herself) has become the fuel for the creations you'll find here.

Her art has become the most vivid way in which she can express the joy and trials of being alive. Being a mother is a constant balancing act of giving and receiving. Of making choices again and again, without all the information, without knowing where the choices you make will lead you. Art is this way. You make a choice, the best choice you can make in the moment and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. 

As a multidisciplinary artist, Alicia loves to express herself using different mediums and modalities. She loves to play with bright, bold, colors and patterns that portray a sense of innocence and play. Presently her work includes weavings- both circular and loom, macrame, painting, and upcycled woven sculptures (using cardboard and packaging materials).


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